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List of things I am doing.

  • Good Vibes Constant Re-designing

  • University Final Year Project

  • This Blog Redesign

  • Archive of old websites on


My portfolio site has now been fully transferred over from my old host to my new one, for a few days I had to make changes on both.

I intend to now bring back my old websites to that domain so they have be seen and experienced.

for example etc.

This blog will also move there also due to having no use for it thanks to twitter as I have stated previously

3 Months of progress

The consolidation happened and a bunch of domains have been removed. has stayed and has received a well needed design upgrade

Now for the blog, I shall be closing it next year to focus on what I am currently doing in my life.

FreshRob will be staying but since blogs are redundant now thanks to twitter and other micro blogging websites, I have no need for this blog anymore.

I will therefore move this site over to am subdomain as there are links on here that I use but it will not be referenced in anyway.

the domain will be and this will happen when I revamp this site too.

I shall be focusing on CQ5 site, creating components for general use as that is my passion, I will also be linking it in with javascript development as that is what I am currently into right now

signing off


I'm in the process of consolidating all my domains and projects.

Included in this is the removal of the following domains


  • podthesims

  • tenpintbowling

  • Waldram Properties

I can no longer afford to keep these domains running, and I no longer have use for them. is not paid for by myself currently (since bought by my father over 5 years ago) however that domain will also be going to.

I have moved on from my sims life and though I play it occasionally on a friends pc to catch up with recent changes, I find it more boring with every pack since it's just the same thing over and over again

This website is also going to see some major changes in the coming month. I mentioned above that I am not renewing which is my current portfolio site. I created it over a year ago and it never got the tlc that was required.

To start with all blog content will be removed the same with This site is going to be cleaned from the backend to the from.

This site will no longer be a blog but will be my portfolio website. It will be the central place to contact me, see what I am up to and showcase my achievements.

It will be split into the following sections

  1. About + CaseStudies + CV

  2. My Resources

  3. Notes (The Blog section)

  4. Contact

So far I have only prototyped a new design, but expect it to be clean and javascript heavy as that has been my main focus for the past year while being employed.

I will hopefully have another update this month to detail my progress otherwise I will just implement the changes.

I have a time frame of 1 month however I am currently very busy with working for TNT (taking a break right now to write this before I work on it some more) and with my social activities and my Final Year project + reports for my placement year (and a poster)


New Host

This blog is now running on a new host which I won in a competition.

It is much faster then the previous one and has a better backend.

I intend to update the blog with more information soon

Long Weekend

Due to the late easter an all this year and due to the Royal Wedding (which I watched and it was nice, don't know how they did it since millions of people were watching, but that is just me) as well as a Mayday back holiday last weekend and this weekend are 4 days which is great.

I can relax and forget about the pressures of work and forget about having to go to my second Job on Sunday it's great.

Though short lived, I have enjoyed having a 4 day week, 3 day week and then another 4 day week, will be strange going back to working 5 days straight but I guess I can't complain ;-)

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Productive 2 days

I have had a productive two days:

yesterday I got 80% of the done for the new blog redesign, I am happy with it and I can't wait to implement it either this coming weekend or next month.

Today I ticked off multiple sections of my Corporate site check list and developed a lot also. I also provided a lot of support as the users starting using the new website.

Tonight I had a bbq, played some long over due sims 3 just to see if it is any fun... not really.. and done some ironing. I plan on doing some more coding before bed and it's going to be a late one again

Blog Re-design

I have finished the a new re-design for this blog.

This new design is going to be heavy controlled by Javascript, so if you don't have it, you will not be able to see anything.

The reason for this is to control loading times so I can pre-load text and the template in the order I want.

More information coming soon once I have finished the html code and work on the back-end code

JQuery -> Late to the Game

When it comes to jQuery and javascript in general. I never saw the point and didn't really get it at first.

I used it here and there and had a few projects with it however I never saw the greater benefits of it and didn't understand how to graft things from scratch that I could do with PHP.

That has subsequently changed in the past year. Since starting my new job I have learnt a little about Javascript which has been my basis of moving onto jQuery in the past few months.

I have since become a jQuery fanboy and have been disgusted in my old code and how long it is. I am also annoyed about how long it took me to figure things out and make every browser act the same way when one line of jQuery would do the same.

That is all



Easter has finally come around which means I can now eat all the things I gave up for lent

  1. Pizza

  2. junk Food e.g. Chocolate, crisps

  3. Take-away

Now that I can eat all those things, and I have eaten quite a bit of chocolate , I don't fancy them. I have been eating a lot of fruit which I have been hooked on e.g. apples and grapes. Which I guess is a good thing, though my natural sugar levels have been high for quite some time.



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